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The Physiotherapy Department at Shalamar Hospital was established in 1982 with the aim of improving quality of health care in physical therapy through evidence based practice and research. We have conducted research on several critical issues faced by patients such as “Effectiveness of physiotherapy on quality of life after breast cancer surgery”. Our dedicated physiotherapists are always working to improve your quality of life. We treat paediatric musculoskeletal, neurological and rheumatic ailments by using modern techniques and equipment such as Manual therapy, Dry Needling techniques, LASER therapy, Tilt table and Interferential therapy Unit. The department also organizes weekly lectures under Continuous Progressive Development program to enhance skills and knowledge of our staff.

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DR. Farah

Dr. Farah Shaheen did her BSC in Physical Therapy from Read more.......

     DR. Farah

Dr. Farah Shaheen did her BSC in Physical Therapy from University of Health Sciences, 2006. She further attended Riphah international university, Lahore, 2014 for her Post Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy. She has been serving in Physiotherapy Department of Shalamar Hospital for last ten years, and has been working as Head of Department for last two years.

Therapies and Rehabilitation:
The Physiotherapy department at the Shalamar Hospital offers a wide range of therapies and rehabilitation programs. Over 2,000 patients visit our Physiotherapy facility every month. Our facilities are modern, state-of-the-art, furnished with the latest technology and equipment.​​​

  • Electrotherapy & Manual Therapy

    We offer the latest electrotherapy and manual therapy, which is an advanced physiotherapy technique. We use Laser, Interferential therapy unit, Traction Unit Cervical, Traction Unit Lumbar, CPM Knee, Moist hot Pack and Cold Therapy. Whereas, skilled Physiotherapists provide manual therapy based on international standards together with Maitland, Kaltenborn, Cyriax, McKenzie and Mulligan.
  • Cardiovascular fitness

    Following our commitment to help you live a healthier life we have state of the art facilities for cardiovascular fitness like Tilt Table, Parallel bars, Treadmill, Stationary bike, Cross trainer, Multi-Gym, Quadricep chair and bench, Pulley system and Delorme Chair.
  • Neurology & Pediatric rehabilitation

    We specialize in providing outstanding care and service to meet the needs of individuals of all ages with stroke, facial palsy, Vertigo, Wrist drop, Foot drop, Parkinsonism. In paediatrics we are trying our best to treat Hemiplegia, Diaplegia, Ataxia, Delayed Milestone, and Muscular Dystrophies Post-meningitis sequel, Club Foot, Torticollis, and Erbs Palsy.
  • Rheumatology & Chest rehabilitation

    We combine highly trained professionals with the newest therapies and technology to create the best outcomes. We are offering, Breathing Exercises, 6 Minute walk test, Bubble PAAP, Chest expansion exercises, Thoracic extension exercises, Hand-held isokinetic Ring, Physio-Ball, Thera-band hand exerciser, web flexor/extensor.

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Contact Number :  042111205205  EXT-354
We are open Monday-Saturday from  8:00am -9:00pm